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Xinachtli Mujeres

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The Xinachtli Mujeres Circle is a collective of Xicana women in Los Angeles working for community health. This circle has come together to accomplish the following goals:

                  1. Provide a space to look critically at our lives

                  2. Defining Reproductive Health based on our Truth

                  3. Learning Traditional Health Practices

                  4. Developing a Teacher-to-Teacher Model

After looking at both LAIPA and the mujeres’ goals, we discussed methods to facilitate the group’s process. We felt that looking at our group the way we look at the stages of the Mexica Dialectic Process.

We reviewed the 4 stages:


                              1st stage: Reflection (represents childhood/physical)

                              2nd stage: Creation (represents adolescent/emotional)

                              3rd stage: Knowledge/Wisdom (represents adulthood/mental)

                              4th stage: Action (represents elderhood/spiritual)


At the center of all this is Fire which represents ceremony, mother earth, and all sacred things.


In order to be productive for Xinachtli, we feel one of our primary goals will be to develop a Xicana definition of Reproductive Justice . This definition will be completed in April 2007.