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Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples' Alliance


Our Story

Los Angeles Indigenous People’s Alliance (LAIPA) is a grassroots organization founded in 1991. Inspired and supported by seasons social justice veterans, LAIPA began a journey of developing community based projects to support indigenous families from Mexico and Central America living in Los Angeles.

Our mission is dedicated to the protection and continued development of Indigenous communities by promoting and organizing cultural education, health projects, economic and technological programs in Los Angeles.Towards these goals, LAIPA is committed among the diverse peoples and organizations on the basis of the Universal Human Rights principle of One Continent-One People.

LAIPA initially began as a coalition of over 15 organizations and cultural groups in the area. The coalition’s main purpose was to challenge the five-hundred year commemoration of the encounter of Columbus and Indigenous people. The coalition accomplished it’s goal by mobilizing and bringing to the forefront a united voice, of diverse tribes, thus halting major commemoration activities and securing the attention of city officials on the truth of this encounter on indigenous peoples.

For the following seven years, we sponsored seminars, workshops, and cultural events to emphasize the history of the Indigenous in the Americas and to support cultural identity as a means of building healthy communities. In 1997, LAIPA incorporated and received 501(c)(3) status. In 2000, LAIPA received its first funding to set up and run 16 Questionnaire Assistance Centers for the 2000 Census. This important effort ensured that indigenous people were counted as Native American, instead if Latino or other.

After the census effort, LAIPA began to expand and develop grassroots community health and leadership development projects. We established the first community Cyber Center for low-income families in Maywood, California (Southeast Los Angeles). In 2002 a center opened in Highland Park (Northeast Los Angeles), and simultaneously, health workshops began in Sylmar (Northeast San Fernando Valley).


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2168 S. Atlantic Blvd #247
Monterey Park, CA 91754

(714) 865-7915


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